SEC Whistleblower Attorneys: A Unique Group Singularly Focused On Representing SEC Whistleblowers

While many law firms claim to focus on representing whistleblowers, the candid truth is that most of them focus on the healthcare industry or fraud on the federal government in actions frequently referred to as Qui Tam Actions. While we support these efforts and believe wrongdoers should be prosecuted, we leave those cases to lawyers who focus on that area. We do not dabble in other practice areas. We are leaders in the SEC whistleblowers space.

Our attorneys know Wall Street and how the SEC rules and regulations are applied to publicly traded companies.

Silver Law Group and the Law Firm of David R. Chase jointly have experienced SEC whistleblower lawyers on the team, including a former SEC Enforcement attorney and former Wall Street defense counsel. Our SEC whistleblower attorneys can help you if you have information regarding securities or investment fraud, violations of federal securities laws, false filings, market manipulation, or other misconduct.

When you are represented by legal counsel, you can remain confidential when submitting a whistleblower tip to the SEC information. We can guide you through the entire process while protecting your confidentiality.

The SEC does not publish the names, locations, or other information that could reveal a whistleblower’s identity. Additionally, there are laws against whistleblower retaliation.

Becoming A SEC Whistleblower

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to be eligible for a SEC whistleblower award, the whistleblower must “voluntarily provide the SEC with original, timely, and credible information” of securities law violations. If the information leads to a successful enforcement action, the whistleblower can be awarded between 10% and 30% of sanctions collected over $1 million.

The Commission provides financial awards to whistleblowers to incentivize them to submit their original information on violations of securities laws, which can help the SEC stop fraud, minimize harm to investors, and hold wrongdoers accountable.

Since 2012, the Whistleblower Program has given more than $1 billion in awards to whistleblowers who submitted original information leading to successful enforcement actions.

Whistleblowers are frequently insiders with knowledge of wrongdoing or fraudulent activity. Depending on the situation, the individual may be a low-level employee, like a call center agent, an executive in the C-Suite, or somewhere in between.

In some cases, a whistleblower isn’t an employee at all, or even connected to a company. An outsider who analyzes publicly available information and concludes that securities laws have been violated can submit their original analysis to the SEC.

Still others are customers of a company that committed fraud or other wrongdoing. They may report their experiences and findings to the SEC with hopes of stopping the fraud and warning others.

Retaining Experienced SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

Whistleblowers help everyone by notifying the SEC of conduct that harms the investing public, while also earning financial compensation for themselves. Hiring experienced SEC counsel may greatly increase the probability that the SEC will initiate an investigation based on your information and give you the best chance of receiving the highest award. If you wish to remain anonymous, you must be represented by an attorney, who will submit everything on your behalf.

Contact us through our online form or at (800) 975-4345 for a consultation. Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that it costs you nothing to hire us, and we collect our fees only if you receive an SEC bounty. Because we get paid when you do, we have the incentive to help you collect the maximum award available.